Double Your Rates and Cut Your

Closing Time in Half

Social Proof. People buy your reputation.

Paul McManus, Co-Founder of More Clients More Fun™, has doubled his rates from last quarter, and expects to double his rates in the next quarter ahead. All with quicker closing times (like half as many emails and phone calls), because TRUST & CREDIBILITY has already been established – with integrity and authenticity.

His secret weapon?

Video Blog Case studies combining video & written story.

“I had my best two quarters this year – Q2 & Q3. 

Because of JoAnne’s case studies, I was able to double my revenue in Q4! And I’m already forecasting that next year, I’m going to be able to double that again as I capture more case studies with JoAnne’s help…

I know I do great work. My clients know I do great work. But it’s the case study which allows us to capture that and really share that in a powerful way with other people who are considering working with me, but don’t yet know the kind of work that I can do for them.

Sometimes, we have to get over limiting beliefs. I used to have a limiting belief that ‘solo-entrepreneur’ coaches couldn’t afford  my private services. NOT TRUE! Once I was able to quantify the ROI and create trust, people ARE WILLING TO INVEST in themselves. 

This is where JoAnne’s case studies have become my ‘secret weapon’ for getting people quickly off the fence! That, AND happy clients that are excited to share their experience and results,…which leads to more awesome case studies! The income snowball is in effect!”

–Paul McManus, LinkedIn Coach & Trainer, Co-Founder of More Clients More Fun™

Paul McManus

LinkedIn Coach & Trainer, Co-Founder , More Clients More Fun™


You want to showcase your impact, so you can make an even bigger impact. When presented in a classy, compelling way, you’ll:

* Create instant authority

* Establish gravitas and clout within your spheres of influence

* Get recognized as an expert

…Not to mention

* Double your rates

* Cut your closing times in half

* Book better business

* Land more significant contracts

* Network with more influential people


Finally Feel the Confidence You Deserve.

…All without sounding like you’re tooting your own horn.

I.e. shameless slimy self-bragging

Here’s how that can happen.

Option 1: DIY


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How to Create Powerful Case Studies That Get People Off the Fence and Close the Deal

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Option 2: DFY


“It’s not the best service, product, or program that wins. It’s the best business development effort that wins.

There are many experts out there who ARE the BEST KEPT SECRET.

They are far superior in terms of expertise, the quality of results, the programs, or the goods & services they provide. But yet, because the marketplace doesn’t know about them, they are A LOT less successful than their competitors.

“ It’s not enough to be great at what you do. You have to be GREAT at business development.”

–Angelique Rewers, CEO & Founder, The Corporate Agent

And with that business development, comes a time for…

 “Show me your work.”

(Even when it’s a warm referral.)

So what do you show them? Testimonials, sample deliverables…

You might tell them to call references, or share examples of how you’ve helped Bob & Jane Smith.

When someone messages you on LinkedIn, interested in your services, you offer to book a free discovery session.

But afterwards, they are still on the fence? Do you follow up with nice notes and smiley emojis?

Those are all great. But you’ve got to have something better prepared.

Because you HAVE amazing results.

And Successful Coaches & Consultants (i.e. YOU) want to spend less time on unproductive discovery calls.

When you’re on the phone, you want to spend more time simply answer questions and CLOSING THE DEAL,

because you’ll be talking to actual interested parties who are already excited about what you do for them!

The game-changer: CASE STUDIES.

Case studies pre-qualify people who are truly interested in getting those

results before any time is spent on the phone.

Here’s a statistic for ya, for those of you who like stats.

From a recent study conducted by Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute:

Other than hosting in-person and online events, which you may or may not be able to do…

Case Studies are in the Top 3 categories of effective

marketing tactics, and rank as the #1 piece of

marketing collateral to invest in.

If you’re going to invest in your content and business development

efforts (which you should), consider creating Case Studies…and better yet…



Better yet, let me handle that for you.

For each of your star clients, what’s involved:

  • Pre-interview questionnaire & scheduling with your client.
  • Background research on both your business and your client’s business.
  • 1-Hour recorded live interview session with me, via Zoom.
  • Thorough review of hourlong video recording to mine out the gems.
  • Custom edit into one cohesive testimonial piece. NOTE: If available, will include your branded video intro/outtro.
  • Custom crafted copy / blog post accompanying the video, telling the story and framing results, with highlight quotes (500-1000 words, which is an optimal length).
  • Call to Action to schedule a discovery session or download your lead magnet.
  • Final Video file (.mp4 or .m4v) and blog copy delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox, for you to upload onto the channels and web platforms of your choice — for instance, you’d upload the video onto YouTube or Vimeo, and embed the link into a blog post on your website. Utilize that link to share on social media, via email; include in proposals, etc.

Total timeframe will depend on your star clients’ availability, with approximately one week of turnaround time per interview/blog post.


I normally price a project like this at $1000 per video blog case study.

If you’d like to add that on to a VIP Coaching option, you’ll get a great deal.

Just think, how much is another high-value client worth to you?

What if you could that make that happen 2x faster, or potentially double or triple your rates?

Because THEY SEE THE ROI in working with you, and have the Social Proof to SPEED UP THE DEAL.

Every single time. People buy your reputation.

What would your business look like then?

Remember Paul, my case study on my case studies (LOL)?

Similar to Paul, let’s get you a “secret weapon” to double your rates AND cut your closing time in half.

If you’re ready to go, simply click the button below.

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I’m JoAnne Henein – media producer, brand & content strategist, and marketing communications consultant for over 15 years. My work has taken me to over 25 countries, from North America to Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East, spanning government, nonprofit and private sectors.

I’m also a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, coaching a framework of winning more business than you can handle, in a reliable, predictable way – even if you hate marketing & selling.

As a Co-Founder of More Clients More Fun™, over the past two years, we have worked with over 200 individual coaches and consultants, and training and coaching companies including Marshall Goldsmith, John Maxwell, Book Yourself Solid®, and Focal Point – helping them enroll high-value clients using LinkedIn. 

Our system works “exceptionally well” (according to participants). More importantly, we’ve created a reputation for being over-deliverers – enthusiastic about our peeps, supportive above and beyond, and really genuinely nice & friendly 🙂 (Yay!)

Your culture is your brand.”

Tony Hsieh, CEO,

YOUR BRAND IS NOT YOUR LOGO. It is what what you stand for.

It’s your WHY. It’s how you roll as a coach, consultant, or independent service professional day-to-day.

What it’s like to be around you.

How you are dedicated to serving a certain group of people.

And what you become known for in a sea of service professionals.

Most people just go with the flow…because they do not know…

What distinguishes you from the herd of the “other coaches & consultants

who get great results and do high-quality work?”

How are you presenting yourself online because that is where people find you nowadays?

Does it fully express well who you are and what they do?

Is it actually attracting your ideal clients?

And positioning yourself as an expert, enabling you to charge what you’re worth?

Not sure? First impressions count. Let’s Talk.

We’ll look at how you are fully self-expressed on your LinkedIn profile or website,

and how that translates to whether or not they are giving you the opportunity to earn their trust.

(Of course, we’ll also whip up some tips as to what to do next…)

Not ready yet? That’s cool. For now, you can…

Download my tips for making the most of a professional photoshoot

as a basis of establishing your personal brand >>

4 Must-Have Photos for a Professional Online Presence

A System for Getting More Clients

Your Branding, Sales Cycle, Pricing and Promotion Strategies

I do get into the trenches with you to build that bridge to that client. Boils down to the right kind of emailing, messaging, and having conversations.


Place one stepping stone in front of the other…

I’ve also been known to catch a typo or two.

Surprisingly, with 1000+ people who have gone through, you’re the first to notice that 🙂 Good eye!

–Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing

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